I am working on an unprojected dataset (lat/lon) on a WGS84 DATUM, and for that region I have used the "create fishnet" tool from "Data Management Tools" in ArcMap 10.2, in order to apply a grid over my region. Although, the coordinates I give as an origin of the fishnet are in lat/lon (in decimal degrees), the output of "create fishnet" is completely void of any spatial reference. When I import these shapefiles into a new project in ArcMap the message it appears is: "Unknown Spatial Reference: The following data sources you added are missing spatial reference information. This data can be drawn in ArcMap, but cannot be projected.". When I click "OK" the shapefile is imported and drawn correctly (correctly overlayed on a raster that is in lat/lon) but the outputs of "create fishnet" do not have any spatial reference. How could I give a spatial reference to these shapefiles (both lines and label points) that are produced by "create fishnet" tool. I need the spatial reference to be in Geographic Coordinate System and DATUM WGS84


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The first bullet in the Create Fishnet (Data Management) documentation states:

The coordinate system of the output can be set either by entering a feature class or layer in the Template Extent parameter or by setting the Output Coordinate System environment variable.

You also have the option of defining a coordinate reference on the data after it is created.


To depict the process of fishnet is as below-


N.B. Here i generated a fishnet has 10 rows and 10 columns( i omitted cell width and height by setting parameter to 0)

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