I set a field with

UPDATE members SET latlong_degree = ST_AsLatLonText (the_geom)

But the result is (for example)

48°37’41.742”N 9°17’55.716”E

The seconds part is way too precise, what I want is

48°37’42”N 9°17’56”E

So I want to round the output…

Do you know a PostGIS command or other method to wrap the statement in, to accomplish this?


The documentation for ST_AsLatLonText explains that you can use an optional second argument to specify the format.

In your case, it would be:

UPDATE members SET latlong_degree = ST_AsLatLonText (the_geom, 'D°M''S"C')

Note that the ' mark for the minutes has to be double quoted to avoid it just terminating the string.

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