I can see the source code of the core QGIS plugins from the repository in github. But is there any repository of source codes for QGIS toolbars also?

  • Perhaps this might help: github.com/qgis/QGIS/blob/master/src/gui/qgisinterface.h – Joseph Jan 29 '15 at 11:54
  • The above link helps somewhat but still whether GUI's in QGIS are being developed only by C++? Source code in python would help me much better. – User123 Jan 29 '15 at 12:05
  • Hopefully others can advise on this issue as it is beyond my scope :) – Joseph Jan 29 '15 at 12:09

If you mean QGIS default toolbars, well, those are written in C++ and you can find their creation and configuration here (C++ file) and here (Qt4 UI file). All actions (buttons) inside QGIS toolbars are written in C++ (except by plugin buttons) and you can find them in the QGIS source code as well.

If you want to get a reference of a QGIS toolbar in Python, you should use the iface object (instance of QgisInterface), which exposes QGIS toolbars. For example, have a look at How to customize the QGIS GUI using Python?, where I explain how to customize the QGIS GUI (menus and toolbars) via Python.

  • Thank you for your response. I had got an enough idea from the link. – User123 Jan 29 '15 at 17:08

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