I have a working instance of GeoNode 2.0 over Debian7 (with PostgreSQL) and I want to know where does pyCSW stores the metadata by default. And if it's possible, how to set it to the same PSQL server.

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GeoNode comes with pycsw as the built-in CSW instance, so on any GeoNode instance you can connect to the CSW endpoint via http://host/catalogue/csw.

pycsw's GeoNode support works off the same underlying database as GeoNode itself via mappings, so there is no duplication. pycsw uses GeoNode Django/etc. models directly, and GeoNode's defined model mappings to enable seamless/direct access.

Having said this, if you would like to connect pycsw to a GeoNode metadata repository, try the following in the pycsw configuration

database=postgresql://username:password@localhost/database_name # i.e. actual connection to the GeoNode DB
mappings=path/to/mappings.py # identical to https://github.com/GeoNode/geonode/blob/master/geonode/catalogue/backends/pycsw_local_mappings.py
table=base_resourcebase # the internal tablename created by Django

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