I would like to make graphs, pie charts, etc based on fields in my table within my infowindows. Is there a way to accomplish this?


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In cartodb.js you have an example integration with google charts. Other charting libraries should work in the same way. You can see it working here.

The key is to call the chart function inside the infowindow template, note draw_chart call:

        '<div class="cartodb-popup v2">',
        '  <a href="#close" class="cartodb-popup-close-button close">x</a>',
        '   <div class="cartodb-popup-content-wrapper">',
        '     <div class="cartodb-popup-content">',
        '       <div id="chart_div">',
        '       <script>',
          '       draw_chart([{{content.data.pop_min}}, {{content.data.pop_max}}], "{{content.data.name}}");',
        '       </scr' + 'ipt>',
        '       </div>',
        '     </div>',
        '   </div>',
        '   <div class="cartodb-popup-tip-container"></div>',
  • In your example, you're using a Json. Would it be possible to use it without? building a map from scratch like this: cartodb.createLayer(map, {user_name: 'user', type: 'cartodb', sublayers: [{sql: 'select * from table', cartocss: cssstyle, setInteractivity: 'var1','var2','var3'}] Thanks!
    – user28023
    Commented Feb 28, 2017 at 16:08

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