i am trying to pass polyline and polygon feature classes i am not sure how to pass the list of features to the Intersect object:

i tried this method:

ArrayList<Object> featuresList = new ArrayList<>();

        FeatureClass polygonfeatureClass = openFeatureClassFromShapeFile(srcShapefilePath, "polygon.shp");
        FeatureClass polylinefeatureClass = openFeatureClassFromShapeFile(srcShapefilePath, "lines.shp");

        Intersect newintersect = new Intersect();

        gp = new GeoProcessor();
        gp.setEnvironmentValue("workspace", srcShapefilePath);


i get this error :

Item not found in this collection. in 'DAO.Fields'

com.esri.arcgis.geoprocessing.GeoProcessor.execute(Unknown Source)

i tried to pass the shape files pathes as string too> i got the same error then i tried this method: after i created 2 feature classes in gdb

String in1=srcShapefilePath + File.separator + "layers.gdb" + File.separator +            "lines";

       String in2=srcShapefilePath + File.separator +  "layers.gdb" + File.separator + "polygon";
       newintersect.setInFeatures(in1 + ";" + in2);
       gp.execute(newintersect, null);

and i got the same error

AutomationException: 0x80004005 - Unspecified error at com.esri.arcgis.geoprocessing.GeoProcessor.execute(Unknown Source) at com.esri.arcgis.geoprocessing.GeoProcessor.execute(Unknown Source)

Any Idea?

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@mashhour-darweish ,Try the below approach.The code is in C# style. It may be similar in Java too.

  Geoprocessor GP = new Geoprocessor();     
  GP.OverwriteOutput = true;

  Intersect IntersectDataset = new Intersect();
  IntersectDataset.in_features = "(" + srcShapefilePath+"\\polygon.shp", "polygon.shp" + "; " + srcShapefilePath+"\\lines.shp" + ")";
  IntersectDataset.out_feature_class = srcShapefilePath+"\\myoutput.shp";
  IntersectDataset.output_type = "LINE";

  IGeoProcessorResult result;
  result = (IGeoProcessorResult)GP.Execute(process, null);
  • i used the same way in your code @Durga an there is no error: String in = "(" + srcShapefilePath + "\\polygon.shp; " + srcShapefilePath + "\\lines.shp)"; that what java accepts. but what the output.shp , is it an empty shape file which i have created already? Feb 3, 2015 at 17:37
  • Intersection of lines.shp and polygon.shp is stored in output.shp.
    – addcolor
    Feb 4, 2015 at 0:59

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