I am seeking a new data collection software for a team of biologists who track migrating animals from planes through aerial telemetry. I currently use Delorme TOPO USA but when collecting point data the time stamp field is maintained as "date modified" causing errors the the analysis of the data. The typical data collection softwares I have tried in all of the similar questions do not work because they fail to meet one or more of our criteria that must be met. The current preference is for software compatible with Windows 7 based laptops. The criteria are as follows:

  1. Must be able to track current GPS Location with a refresh rate of 3 or less seconds. (We are in planes and moving quickly).
  2. Must be able to manually place waypoint on map. We are not collecting current locations. We are collecting locations of animals based on predicted position of an animal relative to current position.
  3. Must be able to obtain/import offline maps at several zoom levels for an area that covers most of the midwestern US that are able to refresh at a rate that keeps up with the planes movements. Working online is not an option.
  4. Must have a topo option for maps that roads/towns/other reference points that can be overlay on map. USGS does not typically offer enough detail for our purposes.
  5. Must maintain the seconds field in the time stamp for speed calculations.
  6. Must be able to edit/delete points easily with as few operations as possible. Erroneous points happen and must be able to remove and move on quickly to determine next location within a minute or so.
  7. Must be able to quickly identify a name for asset as there time when there are multiple animals of the same species being tracked and they need to be differentiated.
  8. Editing a point cannot edit time fields, or a "date created" field needs be maintained.
  9. It would be nice if it had some navigation capabilities because we have a ground crew tracking at the same time and its beneficial to have every team on same software.

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