I am using DRASTIC model and ArcGIS mapping for my thesis of groundwater assessment. I need to generate maps which includes Net Recharge map.

For that I need to export a landuse map and from the data I gathered, I cannot load its as seen below.


the only files in the folder are the following:

enter image description here

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Landuse.shp.xml is the metadata for a shapefile called 'Landuse'.

It does not contain the data.

You will need to relocate the Landuse.shp file if you wish to recover your shapefile.

A shapefile called 'Landuse' needs these files at a minimum:

  • Landuse.dbf
  • Landuse.shp
  • Landuse.shx

For a more complete description of what makes up a shapefile see this answer to How do I load a .dbf file into QGIS?


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