Is there a way to do this? Maps with lat/lng can be analyzed in Acrobat with the analyze/geospatial tool. When a user clicks on the map, the lat/lng is returned. There has to be a way to grab these objects.

The bottom right shows the latitude and longitude of where my cursor is hovered over in Acrobat, constrained due to size limitations.

I would essentially like to take the all latitude and longitude objects associated with the extent and write them to a JSON or geojson file. How are these objects stored and is there a way to access/reference them?

enter image description here

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    If the PDF files are vectors then you can find a PDF to DXF converter and use the known coordinates to georeference... it's conceivable but a few steps. If the PDF files are scanned images then not a chance, you will need to digitize the features, either before or after georeference. GDAL should be able to convert PDF raster into Tiff for use in your favorite GIS package. We would need to know more about what you actually have before making sensible recommendations. – Michael Stimson Feb 9 '15 at 22:52
  • I suspect you are looking at or referring to geospatial pdfs. If so, there are different types of geopdf files which may or may not adhere to a standard. The links at the Wiki may lead you to more information in identifying what type of file you have, how the information is stored, and possibly software that can extract it to the desired format. I found an obscure question/answer that suggested using gdal to get KML, but there wasn't much real information there. What does 'paper pdf' mean? – Chris W Feb 10 '15 at 6:34

This is tricky. Really tricky.

First off: your description is lacking in many ways, what do you mean by "Some PDF maps contain lat/lng."? Is the map annotated with lat/longs in a grid? If so, you could try georeferencing (see georeferencer plugin) the map using qgis and then digitizing the features in qgis, and then saving the digitized features as GeoJSON.

If your "map" is a list of coordinates you could try OCRing the pdf and then somehow construct your features.

But, with a question as vague as this, it's hard to say. Please provide a sample of the pdf map you are thinking of.

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