I am working with mapserver and c# can anybody plz explain what does these line mean

function AddLayers()
var districtBase = new OpenLayers.Layer.MapServer(
        app.mapserverUrl() + "District2.map",
        { format: "OpenLayers.Format.Vector" },
        { isBaseLayer: true, singleTile: true, ratio: 1.5, transparent: 'true', opacity: .8}

District2.map means a mapfile in mapserver?

app.mapserverUrl() + "District2.map means what?


mapserverUrl() must be a function that returns the mapserver.exe directory, where the Mapserver is installed, and "District2.map" is the Mapserver configuration file, the Mapfile. please check: http://www.mapserver.org/mapfile/

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