I have added a shapefile in QGIS using Python plugin. I want to add this shapefile when QGIS is loading so I have to add code in the initgui() method.

I have used following code in the initgui() method:


But when I open QGIS it asks me to save the file but not add/show the shapefile whether I saved it or not.


It looks like that QGIS creates a new empty project after the initialization. But if you want to open Qgis with the same layer/project you can first save your layer into a project and then define that the project opens on launch. You can find it here:

Options-> General-> Project files-> Open projects on launch

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An alternative option would be to call the addVectorLayer method within python macro openProject function (Project>Project Properties | Macros):

def openProject():
    from qgis.utils import iface
    iface.addVectorLayer("c:/Temp/AA/counties.shp", "ccounty", "ogr")

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