I have to create a class in C# in which I would like to insert a function that converts an ESRI personal geodatabase, extracting that features it contains in shp using OGR. I looked at library documentation and I saw that ogr2ogr can do the job. It looks to me that this utility is based on the command line. How can I embed its functions in a C# script?


Does the ogr2ogr command work? An easy one would be to run it from C#. Otherwise you can use the C# SWIG bindings, if you can get these for your programming environment with PGeo support.

If you are using GDAL 1.x use OGR_DS_CopyLayer/OGRDataSource::CopyLayer (or whatever it is called in the C# bindings). Or if you are using GDAL 2.x, use GDALDatasetCopyLayer.

The idea is you open a PGeo dataset/layer, create/open a shapefile dataset, then copy the layer(s) (i.e. shapefile) between the two.

  • I managed to get it to work with the command line but I would like to use C# bindings. I manage to create something with OGR.Driver.CreateDataSource but I can't see any output. When should I use Copy Layer? On the Extracted data Source? and after that How does the output path need to be set? Assuming I want to test the function output locally on my C drive? – user3523583 Feb 12 '15 at 11:37

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