I'm having a problem when trying to create a new variable within python.

i = datetime.datetime.now()
tme = i.strftime('%d/%m/%Y')
print tme

This portion of the code creates a date variable (tme) in the format, 10/02/2015. It functions properly.

The second portion will create a expression variable.

exp = "DATE = '"tme"'"
print exp

This portion does not function properly. The problem occurs when I enter the tme variable.

The result I want python to output is a variable which prints:

DATE = '10/02/2015'

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It looks like your code should work other than I think you just forgot a few + signs. Try:

exp = "DATE = '" + tme + "'"

If you have two strings next to each other Python will auto concatenate them, but it will not auto concatenate a string and a variable, even if that variable is a string. Example:

a = 'Hello ''World'
print a

should print Hello World

But the following would NOT work and would result in a syntax error like you are getting:

b = 'World'
a = 'Hello 'b
exp = "DATE = '" + tme + "'"

It was that simple!

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