I try to integrate two features (shapes) with their ranks using ArcPy.


I don't get a clue from the explanation/example in ArcGIS help. It's straight forward, however, to apply this tool from the graphical dialog.

I seek a working example having 2 shapes: a.shp (rank 1), b.shp (rank 2).

I'm using ArcGIS 10.2


This is an example where shapefile 'a' will have rank 1 and shapefile 'b' will have rank 2, integrated with a tolerance of 100 meters:

import arcpy
a = r"C:\data\a.shp"
b = r"C:\data\b.shp"
arcpy.Integrate_management("a 1; b 2", "100 meters")

Trick: if you don't know the arcpy syntax of a tool, you can either

  • put the tool with the desired parameters in Modelbuilder and export it to a Python script (Model menu > Export > To Python Script);
  • run the tool (standalone) and export it as Python snippet from the geoprocessing results window (right-click the tool in the results window > Copy As Python Snippet).
  • I finally used a value table... vTab = arcpy.ValueTable(2) vTab.addRow("a.shp" + " 1") vTab.addRow("b.shp" + " 1") arcpy.Integrate_management(vTab,0.01) ...but your approach seems to be a short cut to it. – tlange Feb 20 '15 at 6:13
  • @GISGe, you code won't work, this is what you meant arcpy.Integrate_management("{} 1; {} 2".format(a,b), "100 meters") – gotchula Jan 14 '16 at 22:28

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