In a custom ArcMap command implemented in .NET C# I create a new data frame this way:

// mxDocument is IMxDocument
IMap newMap = mxDocument.Maps.Create(); // create new data frame
newMap.Name = "I can name it as I want: " + Guid.NewGuid();
mxDocument.ActiveView = (IActiveView)newMap; // activate new data frame

However, compared to the data frame created with standard ArcMap means, there is something wrong with my data frame:

  1. ArcMap doesn't show property page for the data frame (right click - Properties)
  2. It's not possible to remove my data frame from ArcMap (right click - Remove)

Do I have to add some initialization code for IMap created with IMaps.Create (IMaps2.Create)?

The help for the method is quite laconic: "Creates a new map"...

I use ArcGIS version 10.2.2.


This code snippet should add a new dataframe:

IApplication app = default(IApplication);
IMxDocument pMxDoc = default(IMxDocument);

app = (IApplication)Hook;
pMxDoc = (IMxDocument)My.ArcMap.Application.Document;

//Create a new map
IMap pMap = default(IMap);
pMap = new Map();
pMap.Name = "My Map2";

//Create a new MapFrame and associate map with it
IMapFrame pMapFrame = default(IMapFrame);
pMapFrame = new MapFrame();
pMapFrame.Map = pMap;

//Set the position of the new map frame
IElement pElement = default(IElement);
IEnvelope pEnv = default(IEnvelope);
pElement = pMapFrame;
pEnv = new Envelope();
pEnv.PutCoords(0, 0, 5, 5);
pElement.Geometry = pEnv;

//Add mapframe to the layout
IGraphicsContainer pGraphicsContainer = default(IGraphicsContainer);
pGraphicsContainer = pMxDoc.PageLayout;
pGraphicsContainer.AddElement(pMapFrame, 0);

//Make the newly added map the focus map
IActiveView pActiveView = default(IActiveView);
pActiveView = pMxDoc.ActiveView;
if (pActiveView is IPageLayout) {
    pActiveView.FocusMap = pMap;
} else {
    pMxDoc.ActiveView = pMap;

//Refresh ActiveView and TOC

Sourced from How to create a new map


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