I am using geoserver to display GIS data on my hosted website when geoserver is running I can see my data on my website in both firefox and Internet explorer but only on my laptop where I have geoserver running, when I try to view the website using Firefox or IE on another PC I just get a blank box with error on page warning on the bottom of the web browser. can anyone help with this thanks

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    If you have the time and chance, consider going through the tutorial they provide and workshop
    – dassouki
    Aug 11, 2011 at 18:53

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How are you getting your layer with openlayers?

If you are passing the url as "localhost:8181/geoserver" javascript won't find it because JavaScript works on the client side. Also, JavaScript can only access geoserver if its on the same host (for security reasons). You'll have to set up a proxy for geoserver so you can access geoserver from yourhost/geoserver instead of yourhost:8181/geoserver.


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