I'm working on a custom toolbar for an extension which will have operations that work upon a specific, user-selectable layer.

Is it possible to directly use the layer selector used by ESRI's toolbars in your own toolbar?

For example, the 3D Effects toolbar contains a "Layer:.." combo box for selecting the layer on which to operate. It includes a full tree of the scene, filtered to certain types of layers. Is this control a reusable object?

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Since its a toolcontrol its treated like a singleton, in that you can only have one in ArcMap at a time. If it already exists on the 3D toolbar you wont be able to create another instance of it somewhere else. You can see this by trying it manually through the customize dialog.


I believe you are refering to the 3DAnalyst_LayerListControl? This is a ArcMap Command that you can use any command in your own toolbar.

ArcMap Commands

e.g. using ArcObjects for accessing 3DAnalyst_LayerListControl

  Dim pUID As New UID
  Dim pCmdItem As ICommandItem
  ' Use the GUID of the Save command
  pUID.Value = "{2D73B144-8F1C-11D4-A10F-00508BD60CB9}"
  ' or you can use the ProgID
  ' pUID.Value = "esri3DAnalystUI.DDDAnalystLayerListControl"
  pUID.SubType = 3
  Set pCmdItem = Application.Document.CommandBars.Find(pUID)

Or reference it directly to your toolbar IToolBarDef class

 Public Sub GetItemInfo(ByVal pos As Integer, ByVal itemDef As ESRI.ArcGIS.SystemUI.IItemDef) Implements ESRI.ArcGIS.SystemUI.IToolBarDef.GetItemInfo
        ' Define the commands that will be on the toolbar. The 1st command
        ' ID is the ProgID of the command. Group determines whether the command
        ' begins a new group on the toolbar

        Select Case pos
        Case 0
                itemDef.ID = "esri3DAnalystUI.DDDAnalystLayerListControl"
                itemDef.Group = False

        End Select

    End Sub

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