I have a vector polygon and vector polyline layer. I want to enable the snapping for both the layer with tolerance value? How can i do that using python programming. I have tried this code but getting the following error:

snapper = QgsMapCanvasSnapper(canvas) 

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in AttributeError: 'QgsMapCanvasSnapper' object has no attribute 'setSnapSettingsForLayer'

Can anyone help me in setting the snapping options to the currentLayer using python programming?

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You must define it first:

result3 = QgsVectorLayer("LineString", "ligne", "memory") 
#it's to create your layer

# it allows you to have the idvalue for your layer

# it defines the snapping options ligneid : the id of your layer, True : to enable the layer snapping, 2 : options (0: on vertex, 1 on segment, 2: vertex+segment), 1: pixel (0: type of unit on map), 1000 : tolerance, true : avoidIntersection)

I'm using QGIS 3.22.16. I created a new QgsSnappingConfig() and used setIndividualLayerSettings to add each Layer to my selection. Then I assign the config to the project instance.

snapping_config = QgsSnappingConfig() 
snapping_config.setIndividualLayerSettings(self.gebauedelayer, QgsSnappingConfig.IndividualLayerSettings(True, QgsSnappingConfig.VertexFlag, 10, QgsTolerance.Pixels))
snapping_config.setIndividualLayerSettings(self.flurlayer, QgsSnappingConfig.IndividualLayerSettings(True, QgsSnappingConfig.VertexFlag, 10, QgsTolerance.Pixels))

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