I'm looking for an open source GIS that supports viewing and editing of CityGML models.

So far, I've found a list of open source applications that support CityGML, but they all seem to be stand-alone applications, that don't integrate with common GIS systems: http://www.citygmlwiki.org/index.php/Open_Source.

I would also be interested in your experience with CityGML in a GIS (also commercial) context.


deegree3D (part of a broader FOSS geospatial project, deegree) looks like it might work for you. Probably depends a lot on what features you need. Unfortunately I haven't tried it, so I can't comment on its use or reliability.


3D City DB offers multiple open tools, including a database:

The 3D City Database has been realized as Oracle Spatial/Locator and PostgreSQL/PostGIS database schema, supporting following key features:

and web viewer

The 3DCityDB-Web-Map-Client is a web-based front-end of the 3DCityDB for high-performance 3D visualization and interactive exploration of arbitrarily large semantic 3D city models in CityGML. It utilizes the Cesium Virtual Globe as its 3D geo-visualization engine based on HTML5 and Web Graphics Library (WebGL) to provide hardware acceleration and cross-platform functionalities like displaying 3D graphic contents on web browsers without the needs of additional plugins.

enter image description here


azul may also be of your interest: it is a CityGML viewer developed for macOS.

It is free (on the App Store and Github), and it is open-source. It does not have editing functions though.

enter image description here

You might also want to check and follow the list of CityGML software on the new citygml.org page.


Just to add there is a data warehouse tool FME. It's a set of tools, very easy to use, also have extensive customer support since it's a commercial software. You can use it for free if you are a student.

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