I got the shapefiles in QGIS and transformed them to UTM NAD83 from WGS84, then tried to create a DXF of it so I could use it as an overlay in fieldgenius software for a topographic survey we're conducting. But the DXF created falls wayyyyy on the other side of the world compared to the partial survey I've already done in UTM NAD83. I tried using the DXF file back into QGIS and does the same. It's my first time experimenting with it, does it lose it's coordinate system information? How can I bring back to right system?

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I found that for a successful dxf export you must not enable 'on the fly' reprojection in order to have a project crs different from the data. The project has to have the same crs as your data. cp this issue: QGIS 2.14.3 export PostGIS layer to dxf issue

two tickets are on the way concerning the same issues:



the later of which describes what you have observed.

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