I'm using a dragbox to capture coordinates from an openlayers 3 map. Is there a way to keep the dragbox visible once you release the mouse buttom and have it disappear only once you start a new dragbox?

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Here is my implementation in v3.7.0:

You have two events listeners on the dragbox, boxend and boxstart. Use boxend to create a new polygon (look at this example), pass it the dragbox coordinates and then add it to the map. If you want to remove the dragbox once you start drawing a new one, remove the current active polygon from the map on boxstart.

Here is the code:

// Make the layer variable global to the two functions so we can access it in both functions
let layer;
dragBox.on('boxend', (evt) => {
  // Get the current dragbox coordinateds 
  let coordinates = dragBox.getGeometry().getCoordinates();
  // Create the polygon and pass the coordinates
  let polygonFeature = new ol.Feature(
                       new ol.geom.Polygon(coordinates));

  // Create the layer and style it as you like
  layer = new ol.layer.Vector({
    source: new ol.source.Vector({
      features: [polygonFeature]
    style: new ol.style.Style({
      stroke: new ol.style.Stroke({
        width: 1,
        color: [0, 0, 0, 1]
      fill: new ol.style.Fill({
        color: [127, 166, 59, 0.3]

  // Assuming that you have a map instance, add the created layer to the map

// To remove the layer when you start drawing a new dragbox
dragBox.on('boxstart', (evt) => {

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