I've downloaded addressfeature shapefiles from TIGER/Line on the Census Bureau website. I converted one file to CSV using ogr2ogr. I get the following sample output:

"LINESTRING (-98.730002999999982 37.659596999999991,-98.730001 37.659660999999986,-98.729996999999983 37.659855999999991,-98.729995999999986 37.65992099999999)",161042451,202265803,202266201,400110711124,,110200839772,Stout St,1409,1499,,,67124,,S1400,S1400,O,,,,I,,,,N,N

I understand the LINESTRING (etc etc etc) portion are the coordinates for the address range (in this case, 1409-1499 Stout St).

How can I get the exact coordinates for an address, such as 1431 Stout St?

  • I'm stuck at the same place. Did you find any solution to this question. Please let me know. Thanks -Mohammed – mohammed ayub Apr 8 '16 at 13:34

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