How to show features count and not the value as a label in ArcMap10.2?

I have a polygon layer which contains 100 or so features. All the features are grouped by a group_name field containing values like "Forest", "Park", "Factory", etc.

I want to show the number of records present under a group. Suppose two features contains "Park", four features contain "Forest" in the group_name, so the label should be 2 on those features which contain "Park" and 4 on those features which contains "Forest".

EDIT: The approach should be dynamic, so that, if some feature added/deleted then layer must reflect the difference. Like, if someone add an other feature and added a group_name= "Park" (in Attribute Table). Then the label should be automatically show 3 on map. I'm not concerned with TOC as such because I want to set the label expression and then I will publish it. The application users can add or delete the feature and they want to see the number of records as feature's label.

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An alternative method to adding a field to your attribute table is to use the legend to show your feature count.

If you symbolize your polygons by group_nameand create a legend to show these there is an option to show feature count:

Feature count

This will then display in your legend as:

Forest (4)

Park (2) etc...


You could add another field to your attribute table called count and for each row put the total. It's probably easiest to do manually using the select by attributes function select all "Forest" records and then calculate the count field to equal 4. Then repeating for each group_nametype

Then it's pretty simple to use this field for your labels.

  • I can't add extra field just to show label and the approach should by dynamic. In the end, the users going to add or delete the records.
    – Surya
    Feb 20, 2015 at 12:00

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