I've downloaded the SRTM DEM files for most of Europe, from both 3arc_v4.1 and 1arc_v3 versions. The first comes in 5x5 degrees tiles, the latter in 1x1. I can stitch them together with gdalbuildvrt into a huge file (208801x90001 pixels, according to gdalinfo). So far so good; I can even generate terrain coloring, hill and slope shading without a problem (except time, of course).

What I can't do is to generate contour lines for it. gdal_contour either runs out of RAM (8GiB) or reaches the ESRI Shapefile file limit (2GiB, I think). I can generate shapefiles for each individual tile and then run shp2pgsql to import it, but the problem is at the tile limit: The contour lines from one tile cross the correlative one from the next tile. For example:


So the question is: is it possible to import such big datasets, in particular directly to PostGis? if not, is it possible to stitch the individual ones before importing into PostGis?

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  • If you use raster2pgsql you can load multiple tiles into one raster coverage. Then, you could use something like the query here to select 9 sets of tiles, contour the middle one, move on to the next one, etc. It probably won't be very fast, but it is doable. – John Powell Feb 16 '15 at 9:19
  • Well, I could also generate 9-tile virtual tiles with gdalbuildvrt to replace importing the raster files to PostGIS, and then "generate the contour for the middle one". – Marcos Dione Feb 22 '15 at 23:47

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