Is there a way to export OpenStreetMap public transport routes to a KML or KMZ file? I'm trying to view the routes in another application (Google Earth) which supports KML data, but doesn't support the OpenStreetMap API.


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Check out the Overpass Turbo API. Use the wizard to simply search for your desired OpenStreetMap routes using their location or the route's osm-id and then press the export-tab. There you can choose "KML" as an export format.


I just searched via Google and found a page entitled OSM in Google Earth which says:

Look at Query-to-map to select small parts or single objects of OSM and show them as KML also in Google Earth.

I recommend reviewing the Query-to-map page.

  • That's probably not what he asked for.
    – scai
    Feb 22, 2015 at 12:34

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