How does one unselect features only from a certain layer?

I know there's the Deselect features from ALL layers button. But that's extreme. Is there a simple way to unselect features ONLY from (say) the current layer?

I can only think to ctrl+click everything, but this hardly seems effective.


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If you click in empty space (not touching any features of the current layer) with the select tool the current layer will drop it's selection.


QGIS 3.0.2 answer.

Besides what Jakob said, with the layer selected open the TOC and hit the Deselect all button (or its shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A). See screenshot below:

enter image description here

Still in the TOC, if one wants to deselect only a few rows of a previous selection, hold Ctrl and click on rows to be deselected.

The following shows how to deselect with pyQGIS: Where is the QGIS API action for "deselect"?

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