I have some Attribute and the coordinate and the coordinate reference system. I want to create a DBmanagamet form my spatial data. To do that I want to create one table with name Spa_ref_sys, but I don't know how to populate my table. The point of this is that I want to connect my spatial data with QGIS. How to do that?


When you create a PostGIS database using

create extension postgis

the "spatial_ref_sys" table is created automatically. I don't see any use case where you would want to do that by hand.

If you are new to the technology, you really need to read some basic literature. Just asking about random details here won't get you anywhere. See for example Getting started with PostGIS.

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    In fact I am a beginner in "DBmanagement spatial" and I need some help. Please, can you explain with more details that? Thanks! – Po Po Feb 26 '15 at 8:52

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