When attempting to union multiple polygons with Shapely 1.5.6 in Python 2.7.9, using GEOS 3.4.2, I get the following error in the underlying C++ code:

Assertion failed: (!"should never be reached"), function itemsTree, file AbstractSTRtree.cpp, line 371

The polygons are in a Python list and then I call shapely.ops.unary_union(polygon_list). The polygon list has 1998 items, all of which are proper polygons. I have tried running the unary_union operation in a separate python session with a couple manually created polygons and it works.

Could the number of polygons be a problem, or the import order in the file (I have seen a mention of shapely needing to be imported before Basemap, but I am not using that package)?


I figured this out on my own after testing some rearranging of import statements. In my case, rasterio needed to be imported after shapely.

For example:

import shapely
import rasterio
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  • Shapely and Rasterio shouldn't be sensitive to import order. Where are you getting the software from? PyPI or lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs or elsewhere? – sgillies Mar 2 '15 at 15:59
  • I installed both packages from PyPi using pip install ... I am using a Mac with OS X 10.9, python installed via MacPorts – Damian Manda Mar 3 '15 at 18:38

I also encountered this issue with Shapely 1.5.7, installed on my mac via the wheel available on the shapely PyPI page. The solution for me was to:

pip install --upgrade --no-use-wheel shapely

After recompiling, Shapely worked as expected.

I'm on a mac (OS 10.10.2), with geospatial dependencies (including GEOS) installed via homebrew.

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