I've two layers, both with the same fields: A, V, where A is the shape's area and V a value given by me. I want a new layer with shape created by the intersection of the other layers' shapes and a value given by the calculation: (A1*V1+A2*V2)/(A1+A2). Is there a command to make it automatically? Obviously in reality I have many layers with many shapes, otherwise I made it manually.

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I used intersection to subdivide all shapes from all layers; in this way for every shapes I have 2 weights (V values). Now I can use vector-field calculator and calculate:($area*("x"+"y"))/(sum(x+y), where x and y are the 2 weights. I hoped there was a command that make it automatically… It's possible at least calculate summation of x and y values in vector-field calculator?


Perhaps the calculator is your answer. From "Raster-Raster Calculator" you can create new layers from others. For the the intersection you can use the "AND".

  • Can I ask you more help? I've not considered raster calculator because I'm working with vector layers, but if it is possbile to do otherwise… How do I access the values A and V? Although riclassify, recovering the V values, but area values? I find no examples or sufficient explanation… – MLuca Feb 28 '15 at 12:09
  • Information about vector-field calculator you can find here docs.qgis.org/2.2/en/docs/training_manual/processing/…. I prefer raster files because it is easier the math algebra. eg. having 2 rasters you can take the intersection perhaps like "raster_new=raster_A AND raster_B"(according to your area). But when you have raster files you have to know that the files must have the same pixel size(you will define this according to your interest) – geo_dd Feb 28 '15 at 12:21
  • Unfortunately vector-field calculator operates on a single layer, but I need to calculate the attributes of shapes of different layers. I have the same terrain that has a value for particular characteristic (in one layer) and another value for another particular characteristic (in another layer). I need a new layer with shapes whose values are obtained as a weighted average of the characteristics. – MLuca Feb 28 '15 at 12:52

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