For rasters that are above 16-bit - you cannot apply a colormap. So what is happening when you symbolise in ArcMap a 32 bit raster - it's certainly possible. I'm trying to emulate this funcitonality in ArcObjects - but at the moment I'm getting a bit muddled. Can anyone lend a hand here?

CODE - not working.

IRasterDataset rasterDataset = null;
IRasterLayer rasterLayer = new RasterLayerClass();
rasterDataset = GeodatabaseManager.RasterWorkapaceEx.OpenRasterDataset("fooRaster");

IRasterStretchColorRampRenderer rasterStretchColorRampRenderer = new RasterStretchColorRampRendererClass();
IRasterRenderer rasterRenderer = (IRasterRenderer)rasterStretchColorRampRenderer;
IRasterStretch rasterStretch = (IRasterStretch)rasterStretchColorRampRenderer;
rasterStretch.StretchType = esriRasterStretchTypesEnum.esriRasterStretch_MinimumMaximum;
IRaster raster = (IRaster)rasterDataset.CreateDefaultRaster();
rasterRenderer.Raster = raster;

IAlgorithmicColorRamp colorRamp = new AlgorithmicColorRampClass();
colorRamp.Size = 255;
colorRamp.FromColor = CreateRGBColor(0, 0, 255);
colorRamp.ToColor = CreateRGBColor(255, 0, 0);
bool createColorRamp;
colorRamp.CreateRamp(out createColorRamp);

rasterStretchColorRampRenderer.BandIndex = 0;
rasterStretchColorRampRenderer.ColorRamp = colorRamp;

ILayer layer = (ILayer)rasterLayer;

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