We use:
ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise 10.3 / ArcGIS Desktop Basic 10.3 both located on a Windows Server 2012 machine

We've received a directory containing a cached map (bundle files). We don't have a mxd file, we don't have the data, just the cache. This directory is not located on the deafault C:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgiscache, and we don't intend to move it there, as there woudn't be enough space on disk C:\ . The cache is quite large 280 GB. So I've created a new cache directory in ArcGIS Server Manager that leads to the exact path of our cache.

enter image description here

We would like to publish this cache as a cached map service/image service on the server. I've added it to ArcMap, but when publishing it as a map service, ArcMap doesn't automatically recognize that it's a cached service. As it is shown in this video: http://video.arcgis.com/watch/964/publishing-cached-map-services-using-a-pre_dash_existing-cache-folder

enter image description here

It works as a dynamic service

What is this correct procedure to make this existing cache available on ArcGIS Server as a service?

  • Is this an existing map service that you're trying to change the cache location for, or is this a new map service?
    – raykendo
    Mar 4, 2015 at 16:44
  • it's a new map service I'm trying to publish. It's not a cache created by me, I'm just trying to publish it on the server.
    – Ligia
    Mar 5, 2015 at 7:06

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The cache mentioned above was residing in a folder, that was located in another folder, that was located in another folder. So despite the fact that I registered the main folder as a cache folder for the server, it couldn't read inside all these folders.

So we created a new folder, named it exactly as the map service and moved there only the folders containing the bundle files.

The bottom line is to not store your cache in a cascade of folders.

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