I am using ModelBuilder in ArcMap 10, this is my model: enter image description here

Cell Statistics shall be calculated for only those rasters dating in summer months (April - October), input raster name format is yYYYYmMM, e.g. y2007m10. Therefore my precondition as boolean value: Wert berechnen = Calculate value

The model is working but calculates cell statistics for all input rasters, not only for the summer months. Probably my code is incorrect, or are the elements wrongly ordered?

  • Try changing the summer and winter to true and false. I believe the boolean date type is expecting one of these two outputs.
    – Lou
    Commented Mar 5, 2015 at 17:30

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You are making the classic mistake with the iterator and collects tool, this needs to be in a sub-model as shown below:


Note Raster and output_value are preconditions. The code in the calculate value tool is different too as Lou suggested:

Calculate Value code


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