We’re developing a project with CartoDB and we want to show the elements clustering by zone and showing the most used one (Mode).

We're doing this with Torque Categories, and it works! :)

The questions is: how can I customize the icons of the markers?

I have tried with these options, and both make the icons disappear.

  1. marker-file on #id[value=X]

    #mapId[value=1] { marker-file: url(http://domain.com/Image001.png); }

  2. marker-file on #id[columnName=”value”]

    #mapId[name="TEST"] { marker-file: url(http://domain.com/Image001.png); }

I've read you cannot use marker-fill with marker-file, but I've removed all marker-fill's and still don't see the images.

How can it be done?


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The approach you use in the question is valid: there was an issue with Torque category (as mentioned in the comments) that we solved, so it should be working at the moment.


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