Is there a way to read data from a CartoDB infowindow and write it, e.g. into a form?

For example: In a city plan with parcels, the user clicks on a parcel and the infowindow opens with information on this parcel. Now I think about a “Fill in” button that allows writing the attributes of the parcel selected into a form.

Any hints?

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I've prepared an example for you. You can check it here (and full page)

The "trick" is to capture the infowindow's data. Infowindow is a Backbone Model, so I worked with its bind method.

.done(function(vis, layers) {
      lyr = layers[1];
      lyr.infowindow.bind('change', function() {
        if ((lyr.infowindow.attributes.content.fields !== undefined) && (lyr.infowindow.attributes.content.fields[4] !== undefined)) {
          country = lyr.infowindow.attributes.content.fields[4].value;
          pop2005 = lyr.infowindow.attributes.content.fields[7].value;
          document.getElementById("inpCountry").value = country;
          document.getElementById("inpPop").value = pop2005;

Also, in this example, I'm filling a form with data, as you requested in your post.

  • Great example! Muchas gracias!
    – Flo
    Mar 12, 2015 at 15:50

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