I have a working Mapproxy 1.6.0 installation serving several WMS layers. I am now tasked with adding an extra WMS-layer which contain the Danish character Ø.

I have defined the layer in Mapproxy.yaml like this:

  - name: Other-objects
    title: Other objects
    sources: ['wms_trans:Øvrige_objekter']

When starting Mapproxy it quits immediately with the following information in the log:

2015-03-11 09:42:30,322 - INFO - mapproxy.config - reading: c:\mapproxy\mapproxy.yaml
2015-03-11 09:42:30,338 - WARNING - mapproxy.config - u'wms_trans:\xd8vrige_objekter' in layers[3].sources[0] not of type str
2015-03-11 09:42:30,338 - CRITICAL - mapproxy.config - invalid configuration

The Ø have been translated into \xd8. I have attempted to save mapproxy.yaml with ansi, utf8 and utf8-signature encodings, this does not seem to have an effect.

Since this is an external wms source, it is not possible to rename it. How can I make this work?


Two solutions:

  1. fix mapproxy python code and contribute (check utf-8 encoding basics : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6289474/working-with-utf-8-encoding-in-python-source)

  2. Create a local proxy with Nginx or Apache and rewrite the URI on the fly

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