I face the following problem. I have two vector layers. One has linestring and the other point geometry.

When I add this line to my point geometry vector layer:

          pointLayer.setZIndex( 1001 );

I get the point layer on top and then I am unable to select any feature from the linestring vector layer.

How can I solve this problem so all the features are clickable? I wouldn't expect this behavior as the point vector layer just has some points.

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    Do you want to select features from only one layer, or both? How did you construct the selection control? Is it the SelectFeature control? Mar 11, 2015 at 13:30
  • Yes. I need to select features from both layers. This is how I constructed the feature control for the linestring layer: wfsLinestringLayer.events.on({ featureselected: function(event){.... For the point vector layer I want to add a feature.popup functionality.
    – user1919
    Mar 11, 2015 at 13:31

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To solve this problem, you have to look under the hood of the library. The SelectFeature control can be applied on a single layer or multiple layers.

  • Single layer: The control's layer and handler properties receives the layer object, then you can select features from that layer.
  • Multiple layers: The library creates a new Vector.RootContainer layer, which basically a vector layer group containing the layers. The control is then applied to that RootContainer layer.

This way if you modify the Z index of the original layer, you just block the mouse event from the created layer group. I have two ideas which would help you solve this problem in theory:

  1. Get the RootContainer layer and modify its position to be on top. You can set the Z-index, but the more convenient way is to use the map's raiseLayer function.
  2. Define the pointer-events CSS property of your layers' DOM elements. You can set it to none, to get your mouse clicks fall through completely.

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