I'm trying to develop a plugin in QGIS 2.6, which opens a composer, add a map and a legend, and (among other things) adjusts the legend.

Is there a way to go through items in a composer legend with PyQgis? What I'd want in the end is to change the item name, depending on the type of item (group, raster ...).

Here is my code:

for legend in self.composition.items():
    if isinstance(i,QgsComposerLegend):
        for item in legend.items():
            if item.itemtype() == QgsComposerLegendItem.GroupItem:
                groupItem.setUserText() = 'another text'

Qgis answers that QgsComposerLegend has not attribute called "items" (which I expected). I looked for a property to iterate on legend items, and I have not found it in the API documentation nor in web searches.

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Finally I found the answer : using the QgsLegendModelV2()class, and its functions inherited from QgsLayerTreeModel : "index(i,j)" to select each legend item and "rowcount" to obtain the rows number. All in a "for x in xrange" loop.

That gives:

for i in self.composition.items():
    if isinstance(i,QgsComposerLegend):
        legend = i
        for i in xrange(legend.modelV2().rowCount()):
            posteleg=legend.modelV2().index(i, 0)
            print posteleg.data()

Best regards

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    This way you get the item name. But how do you change it?
    – DMS02
    Dec 20, 2016 at 11:05

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