I am using ODK with ONA in XLSForm. As the GPS accuracy default is 5 meters, it automatically accepts it when it reaches 5 meter. Is it possible to change the default accuracy to less than 5 meters (i.e 3 meters)?


Taken from https://opendatakit.org/help/form-design/examples/

By default, this widget halts the geo-positioning process once the geopoint has an accuracy of 5m or less. To change this, you can supply an "accuracyThreshold" attribute to the tag. I.e., to instruct ODK Collect to capture geopoints with accuracies of 1.5m or less, use:

  <input ref="my_geopoint" accuracyThreshold="1.5">
    <label>geopoint widget</label>
    <hint>this will get gps location</hint>
  • Thanks @Chris W . Where can edit this. On the form or at ODK collect. I am using a tutorial form now and will try to design my XLSform later. Thanks – MKJ Mar 11 '15 at 22:45
  • @shakasom The page I linked to and got the answer from was for editing the raw XML data of a form. I'm not sure if the XLSForm designer would let you specify it (maybe as a constraint? but that doesn't sound right), but they link to another page at the top specifically for XLSForm (I skimmed it but didn't see a reference to this attribute tag). – Chris W Mar 12 '15 at 0:35

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