How can I delete duplicate LiDAR points? I incorrectly read the same las twice and saved as a one file resulting in duplicate XY points. How should I delete these duplicate points?

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    What software and/or tools are you using and what format is your data in (.las for example)? In ArcGIS there's a Delete Identical tool at the Advanced License level... but I don't know if that would work on a LIDAR point cloud.
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    Commented Mar 11, 2015 at 21:12

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You can delete all duplicate points from a las, laz or ascii file using lasduplicate in LAStools.

Finds and removes all duplicate points from a LAS/LAZ/ASCII file. In the default mode those are xy-duplicate points that have identical x and y coordinates. The first point survives, all subsequent duplicates are removed. It is also possible to keep the lowest points amongst all xy-duplicates via ‘-lowest_z’.

It is also possible to remove only xyz-duplicates points that have all x, y and z coordinates identical via ‘-unique_xyz’.

Also, lasfilterduplicates in the lidR package (documentation p. 51):


Filter points that appear more than once in the point cloud according to their X Y Z coordinates


If you consider to remove duplicated points on X, Y coordinates (with different Z), after using lasfilterduplicates function from lidR package, you may use lasfilter function.

las <- lasfilter(las, !duplicated(las@data, by = c("X", "Y")))

I think it will retain the first return points (from that duplicated points).


You can also try a tool in WhiteboxTools - LidarRemoveDuplicates. You can run it separately through CMD line or as QGIS 3.4 plugin. Instruction on how to use and install WhiteboxTools in on their webpage


As an update on the answers by @wnursal and @Aaron :

The lidR package function lasfilterduplicates() is deprecated. Instead, you can use the maintained version filter_duplicates(). This can be applied to LAS files and LAS catalog objects.

When loading a catalog or a file, you can already set this within the function, and this maybe works also in your case:

# catalog
ctg <- lidR::readLAScatalog("path/to/folder", filter = "-drop_overlap")

More options on filtering the initial data with readLAS(filter = "-help"), not to be confused with later filtering based on Boolean criteria with filter_poi()

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