I've got a map on GitHub (I have removed everything that isn't needed). The problem is that the geocoding widget doesn't show the search results completely:


I guess this happens due to a custom zoom bar control that includes a Zoom Home function which controls the width to 26px. Removing the.leaflet-bar a part leads to smaller icons but to fully result display.

Does anyone have a hint on how to have big icons and full size result display?


you need to set a style specific to those dropdown elements

.leaflet-control-mapbox-geocoder-results a {width: 100%}
.leaflet-control-mapbox-geocoder-results a:hover {width: 100%;}

you may also want to make the input a bit wider, something like

.leaflet-control-mapbox-geocoder-results {width: 250px;}
.leaflet-control-mapbox-geocoder.active .leaflet-control-mapbox-geocoder-wrap {width: 250px;}

its seems strange that the input does not update with the selected item from the dropdown, but that seems to be how this geocoding control works

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  • Adding the first two lines did the job. Could get the second to work due to my limited coding knowledge (if you would like to add as a working example feel free...) Thank you so much. One question: what option would likely be the better choice to adapt mobile devices? and a second: is it possible to change font size? seems quite big for now. thanks – hoge6b01 Mar 14 '15 at 20:47

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