I have arcgis 10.1 (arcinfo license) and I am using a versionned database (arcsde) with SQL Server. I have accidentally deleted the symbolid of one of my annotation feature classes. All annotations using that symbolid now have a red hallow around them and appear empty (although the attribute table is OK and has all the data). I am trying to recover from this problem. The following solutions do not work:

  1. use field calculator to assign a new symbolid to the annotation class. If I do this, all annotations re-appear but at zero angle (data in the "angle" column is lost and replaced by zero).
  2. select the problem annotations from by backup database (in which these annotations are ok) and append them to the actual database. For a reason that I do not understand new columns are created in the actual database (the annotation class had several custom columns added to it at the moment of creation and they seem to be doubled in the append process). This doesn't look like a promising solution.

My fallback plan is to use the backup database and replace my annotation layer with the old one, but that means loosing 1 days work which I want to avoid if this is possible.

  • All your changes should be in the adds & deletes table (which should still have SymbolID) perhaps you could go with the backup and re-apply the adds & deletes at a database level. Personally I would test this on sample data before applying it to your live data... it could break it worse than it already is. – Michael Stimson Mar 16 '15 at 0:33
  • Unfortunately I also compressed the database so those informations are also lost... – lavaman Mar 16 '15 at 12:08

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