The address table that I am trying to geocode does not have specific addresses; rather, it has blocks (e.g. 200 Block FIRESTONE LN).

Is it possible for me to still geocode the table?

I can't just open the table in Excel and remove all mentions of "Block", as I then wouldn't have actual existing addresses for most of my table (200 FIRESTONE LN is not an address).

I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2.

  • Can you be specific as to how you are geocoding? Are you using a pre-made locator, or making one based on your own dataset? Dec 15, 2017 at 14:30

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As commented by @ChrisW:

Technically 200 Firestone Ln is an address - the first point on the 200 block of that road. It may not be a mailing address, as perhaps house numbers start at 210. So there's basically two problems you have to decide on an approach to. First, if you have multiple addresses in the 200 block, there's no way to separate them and they'll get the same point. Second, the geocoder has an address range for each street segment. It might be a pattern like 200-299, and you could use 250 to stick it in the middle. But if you want valid mailing address results, no, you don't have enough info.

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