QGIS 2.8.1 Win7 64 bit installed with osgeo4w-setup.

I’m trying to run GRASS commands on a LIDAR raster layer but I get the following message:

Missing dependency.... GRASS not installed in your system` message each time.

GRASS appears in the processing tools pane and the “Processing options” for GRASS shows the Msys and GRASS folders locations correctly (which was a problem for a similar questioner). I note that GRASS has been 7.0 stable since mid February but osgeo4w-setup only shows GRASS 6. All manuals refer to a ‘GRASS plugin’ but none seem to be listed now.

Is there 'best-practice' way of installing GRASS functionality in QGIS 2.8 on Windows7 64 bit?

As a supplementary question is it possible to install a GRASS add-on that is not part of the core GRASS setup (I need r.skyview for LIDAR visualisation of archaeological features)?



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