I have a CAD file which I import in FME. I have two different geometries. A polygon and a point geometry. Each point geometry has some attributes which I want to pass to the polygon geometry. Both the points and the polygons have no id. So I can not merge based on the id. I thought to use a "merge geometry in distance within" transformer. Is there something like this? For example: merge all the points and polygons which are in a distance of x into a big point (or polygon).

How do I do this in FME?

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There is no single transformer for this. Instead you must use a combination of transformers.

  • First, a NeighborFinder, setting the "Maximum Distance" to whatever you want the search distance to be.
  • Pipe the points into one input, and the Polygons into the other; I don't believe in this case it should matter which.
  • Enter a name for "Close Candidate List Name" too.
  • The results that come out of MATCHED have found a matching point/polygon.
  • These results should go into a ListSorter - sorting by the distance, numeric, increasing. This way you're finding the nearest candidate.
  • Then use a ListIndexer on the list, using a List Index of 0. This gets the attributes of the nearest candidate and gives them to the base feature.

It's also possible to throw a FeatureMerger onto the end to then pull the geometry through too using the id of the feature you're now got via the NeighborFinder.

  • Thanks for the answer. I will try this workflow. One more question. In what units I set the distance? I see there is measure tool in the inspector but where do I set the unit?
    – user1919
    Mar 17, 2015 at 11:25
  • 1
    I believe they're whatever the units of the data projection are. The documentation confirms - docs.safe.com/fme/html/FME_Transformers/… "The maximum distance is measured in the units of coordinates of the input features." Mar 17, 2015 at 12:30

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