I try to make a menu bar with icons which show the same icons in the map when clicked, for example hotels or bars.

I made a form with radio buttons for choose and click submit. This goes to PHP, connects to PostgreSQL, executes the query, and returns a result. It is not good solution though, because I want the user click on a icon to dynamically show the icons in map without any need to click on a submit button.

Is it possible, does an example exist?

I try to make it with jQueries and AJAX i make a jQuery which if i click show a alert massage i try to put the AJAX conection to return the JSONarray but is not make anythin This is a snapshot of php and javascript code. PHP conectin database make fetch

insert  data in array with this line of code


while ($row = pg_fetch_array($result,null, PGSQL_ASSOC)) {

        $row_array['gid'] = $row['gid'];
        $row_array['cause'] = $row['cause'];
        $row_array['duration'] = $row['duration'];
        $row_array['image'] = $row['image'];
            $row_array['km'] = $row['km'];
        $row_array['coords'] = json_decode($row['geom'], true);

   echo $json_response; 

JavaScript code

                        url: 'php/ajax-follow.php',
                        type: 'post',
                        data: {'type': 'warning'},
                        dataType: 'json',
                        success: function(data) {
                            imgAr = JSON.parse($json_response);
                        error: function(xhr, desc, err) {
                            console.log("Details: " + desc + "\nError:" + err);

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You could issue a AJAX request to your PHP service. In Javascript, add an event listener to your radio buttons that listens for change events. In the listener, issue the AJAX request to your PHP service. Handle the response of the PHP server in the AJAX callback and update your map.

  • The AJAX request i dont understand how i make it , for every image have a link and make a listens but AJAX who is return the values from php ?
    – vagelis
    Mar 17, 2015 at 21:47

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