I have gis data which i can access over Arcgis Rest with Arcgis js api and i have non-gis data which i get from different db.I want to mashup this two like in this link

http://www.cartographicperspectives.org/index.php/journal/article/viewFile/cp76-hunt/1311 (look page 6)

this is my code

DemMin = new Number; DemMax = new Number; 
jQuery("#testMenu").click(function () {
// sample -- > is feature layer already defined somewhere else in the code

    $.getJSON('/home/getresult', null,  // this returns array of json like [{grid_no= 2,avg_heat=3},{grid_no= 1,avg_heat=5}]
function (data) {
   $.each(data, function (i, C) {

       if (C.avg_heat < DemMin) { DemMin = C.avg_heat; }
       if (C.avg_heat > DemMax) { DemMax = C.avg_heat; }

       $.each(sample.graphics, function (k, G) {

           if (G.attributes.GRID_NO == C.grid_no) {
               G.attributes.AVG_HEAT = C.avg_heat;  // (1) adding featurlayer.graphics.attributes not featurelayer field i know ::)),  look for (2)
               alert(G.attributes.AVG_HEAT);   // this alert works and shows G.attributes.AVG_HEAT which i added
               return false;

   var testrenderer = new SimpleRenderer(new SimpleFillSymbol().setOutline(new SimpleLineSymbol().setWidth(0.5)));

   testrenderer.setColorInfo({//set classification values and symbology color information
       field: "AVG_HEAT",   // (2)  This my adding, why i getting error ,this is field not in feature layer i know:))
       minDataValue: DemMin,
       maxDataValue: DemMax,
       colors: [
           new Color([255, 0, 0]),
           new Color([255, 255, 0])]




the error i get of course

-- esri.layers.FeatureLayer: unable to find 'AVG_HEAT' field in the layer 'fields' information "feature_layer_url"

is there anyway to this code working?

Note : I know Arcgis js api "Gas price data by state mashup" sample is similar mashup but please stay on this sample !!


you need to make sure the fields[] array associated with your featureLayer includes any field you'd like to render on.

an alternative example, in which the entire featureLayer is created from a featureCollection, and information about the schema of the table is supplied via a layerDefinition, can be found here.

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