In a MapBox Studio project of mine, I have field values that are stored as JSON values. My features all have attributes like:

id 48545756
meta {}
relations []
tags {"access":"forestry","highway":"track","source":"WRI;DIAF","start_date":"before2013-03-28"}
type way

I'm trying to filter by a key in the tags field. Something like:

#layer['tags.access' = 'forestry']{ ... }
#layer['tags' = '{"access": "forestry"}']{ ... }

But of course MapBox Studio interprets the JSON as a string, not something that can be parsed.

Any thoughts on how to get around this?

Why JSON as feature attribute values? MapBox's uploads api provides a really good way to programmatically upload data to a MapBox account. If you send a geojson file (rather than a mbtiles file), MapBox tiles it out with it's attributes as a json value in the 'tags' field.

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Figured it out. While it doesn't look like it's possible to actually parse the json, MapBox Studio supports regular expressions in filters:

#original {
  line-color: #F8842E;
  line-width: 0.8;
  [tags =~ '.*"access":"forestry".*']{
    line-width: 1.4;

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