I am calling QGIS "Select Feature by Freehand tool" in my plugin. what it will does is it allows the user to select features in mapcanvas and i made a signal like if selection changed in mapcanvas , will display the number of features selected in mapcanvas in a information box.This is what my plugin does. And what i am facing now is even without using the plugin if i select the features using select freehand tool, it does the same job as what my plugin does.Why does this behaviour in QGIS? What is my solution for this?should i not trigger the Select feature by freehand tool in my own plugin?

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I guess you need to connect the SIGNAL selectionChanged when your plugin is opened and disconnect it when your plugin is closed.

For example, you could set the connection at the beggining of the run method and disconnect it at the end of the run method. This way, when your plugin is not running, you won't get QGIS showing the information box you mentioned.


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