I've just tried to set up Deegree on the server with Tomcat7 servlet by copying the WAR file to the webapps folder as described in the documentation. So now I can use the interface on the port localhost:8080/deegree-webservices-3.3.14. It is also indicated on the interface that the working directory is /usr/share/tomcat7/.deegree. However, when I try to set the pw or load a workspace, I got the error notification that this folder doen't exist. Seemingly, no folder has been set anywhere on the server.

Should I do anything else to install Deegree properly?


As I'm a newbie to server configuration I didn't ask google the right question a couple of days ago. But now...

The question was already answered in an other forum, so if you have the same problem: https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/issues/510

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