I would like to convert an img to grid in ArcMap 10.2. I tried it in two ways:

  1. In Conversion tools with the Raster to other format tool, where I adjusted the GRID format and the output workspace was a gdb

  2. In ArcCatalog with right click on the image I choosed Export --> Raster to Different Format. Here I didn't adjust any extension and I tried to save the output raster into a gdb and also into a simple folder.

My problem is that the result is in FGDBR format in every case. What could be the problem?


Try the Copy Raster tool. It's converted things to GRID for me in the past quite reliably.


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    Just don't add an extension and it's a grid. Beware of the storage requirements: Names must be less than 13 characters, no spaces, must not start with a number, path must be less than a certain length... If there's no extension but you're putting it into a file geodatabase then it will be a file geodatabase raster, if you want a grid pick folder as the storage location. – Michael Stimson Mar 23 '15 at 22:13

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